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We specialize in Whole house and point of use systems.

The Fully Automatic Water Conditioning System

The Fully Automatic Water Conditioning System conditions hard water. Your laundry colors and whites will be brighter, softer and fresher, your skin and hair will be smooth, soft and more manageable, your soaps and cleaners will last longer and your appliances will last longer without scale and mineral deposits.

Carbon Absorption Filters

Carbon Absorption Filters are for the removal of chlorine, color and offensive tastes and odors. They provide quality water at every tap and are simply installed, easy to rebed or exchange and inexpensive.

Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis system under your sink simulates the natural process of trees, plants and flowers. Water is forced by pressure (at least 30psi) through a semi-permeable membrane. The good water passes through special membranes while dissolved and particulate materials are sent down the drain. This process is done on a molecular level. These filters take out and separate chemicals and dissolved solids such as sodium, chlorine, mercury, lead and other harmful contaminants. The purified water is then stored in a pressurized holding tank, ready for use.

Ultraviolet Light System

The latest in water purification technology: the ultraviolet light system is an addition to the whole house water filtration system or the reverse osmosis system. This unit is installed after your primary water filter. Water is channeled past an ultraviolet light. This disinfecting process has the ability to kill bacteria, unlike any other water filter system, which only traps impurities.

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